Tuesday, November 30, 2010

last days...

Our last few days in our lovely farmhouse were spent either there in front of the fire or in Florence.

On Thursday 25th, I took two grumpy teenagers to the Uffizi Gallery and the concurrent Carravaggio exhibition while G wandered the streets and drank hot chocolates with the little ones..
The Gallery was wonderful....the grumps were more intent on fighting with each other which was a shame because they were a distraction to themselves and me. However, despite them breaking the audiophone, all of us could not help but take in the amazing collection of art.
Stand out sights were the Luccis and the Botticellis (esp the the Birth of Venus which always had a huge crowd of Japanese tourists in front of it)....Chiara loved his 'La Primavera' and the Carravagios
Cas liked Leonardo da Vinci's Annunciation  and Cararavaggio's 'Head of Medusa' on the shield...
I need another day in there with no kids....

Here our some of our favourite things in Florence:

 Christmas decorations in COIN

Walking along the Arno behind the Uffizi.......the Italians like their mopeds...
And just around about......

The school children are so frisky compared to ours!

This is a stop sign that has had some clever stickers applied ....in Florence.
There was also a fantastic umbrella man fountain in the centre of a roundabout  banished to the outskirts of Florence..we passed him every time we came in and every time we left.....I tried to get a photo but we were always zooming around too fast with someone behind us....

On Saturday, just as we were leaving beautiful Florence for the last time. George spotted a shop called '_Malloni' and suggested I take a look.
I came out an hour later with two beautiful pairs of boots, a dress, a winter jacket and a gilet. :)
George had bought Florentine chocolates for everyone whilst they waited for me and we all drove home happy for our last night in Casale le Vigne

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