Sunday, November 7, 2010

Italy...arrival in Roma

On the evening of October 11 we boarded the overnight train from Paris to Rome and settled into our couchette for 6. Perfect size - unlike most accommodation in Europe, this one was made for a family of 6! We had the whole couchette to ourselves....

As it started to get dark, we folded down our 6 tiny bunkbeds and settled for the night.Annick and Eve on the bottom bunks, George and I in the middle and Cas and Chiara on top.
"The train ride was sleeping on a rollercoaster... IMPOSSIBLE!! (Actually it was kind of fun)" - Cas

We awoke to our train rumbling through Italian stations and had a continental breakfast in the restaurant carriage before arrival in Rome, Termini. I'm pretty sure I asked the waiter for 'calzoni' (pants) instead of 'colazione' (breakfast) but he brought us coffee and and cornetti with a smile never the less.
The kids and I piled into a taxi to Porgs & Fede's in Piazza Farnese...George took the bus (taxis NOT made for 6) & still all managed to arrive at the same time.

Day 1 of 100 begins.....

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