Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tuesday 24th a beautiful sunny, (cold) day, we piled into the car and drove south to Sienna. As usual, we were obliged to park on the outskirts of town, outside the city walls and walk into the old centro.

We soaked up the sunshine in the famous 'Campo'

and then Chiara, Cas, Annick and I waited our turn to climb the Torredi Mangia in the Palazzo Pubblico. They seemed to only let 6 people up at a time, so skinny and steep were the stairs.

But the views from the top were wonderful

We could see George and Eve sitting at the fountain below.

At 2pm, we tower's bells chimed the hour as we were standing directly beneath them which gave as all a fright!

We went to the Duomo

And when we came out, it was dark, freezing and had started to rain......
so we hot-footed it to the nearest cafe and bought hot chocolates to warm ourselves up (making good use of the two-tiered coffee tables) and a paneforte to try when we got home.

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