Saturday, December 18, 2010


Saturday 4th December:
Today we left 'La Parrina' and headed back to Rome.

We stopped for lunch in the tiny walled village of Capalbio. In the 20 minutes that we spent looking for the restaurant Porgs had recommended, we managed to circle the town at least 3 times....

We dined here at the 'Trattoria Toscana' (below), just inside the city walls....
They served the kids pasta and us a hearty 'aqua cotta' and lots of roasted meats (la grillia mista) and we all left feeling happy and full.

Another significant stop on the way back to Rome was the Decathlon store in Fumicino.....we need one of these at home.
We stopped there at 5.30pm to pick up a few things for the snow and left at 8pm with snow boots for everyone, jackets, taboggans.....everything we need, all at rock bottom prices and now I think we're ready to head north.
When we finally arrived at the apartment, we found dear Porgs and Janie there with wine and cheese to greet us, having scrubbed the place clean of the significant mess and builder's dust accumulated in our absence.
(They'd removed the ceiling of the kitchen whilst we were gone).
Things were vastly improved in that there were now windows and light fittings installed...still no gas however :(

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