Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 2

On the airplane we got really cool seats. we had to go on 2 airplanes. the first plane was to Abu Dhabi and the second was to was a really long trip.on the plane i watched 7 movies and then we had lunch and then i played a couple of games and then i went to sleep. in the morning we got of the plane in Paris we drove to our apartment and then we got crepes then we went to a church. it was called notre dame which is where a hunch back lived. the next day we had chocolate croissants for breakfast and it was mums birthday. we went out for a big walk to the Place des Vosges, where every house looked the same. we got some crepes and i got a lemon flavored one, then we went home... the next day after that we took the metro to the "arc de triumph" and we climbed up 287 steps, and up the top there was a beautiful view and you could see the Eiffel tower and the whole of Paris. then we got a SUPER YUMMY hot chocolate that were voted the best in France. they were like melted chocolate and you could put in whipped cream to make it even yummier. we took lots of photos and i will post more updates soon... - Eve-

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